We are looking for collaborations throughout Europe

More than 30 years of experience in the permanent make-up sector
LaBina is a registered trademark of PERMANENT-Line GmbH & Co. KG based in 34454 Bad Arolsen in Germany.

Our pigments and pigmentation instruments are among the best, safest and most innovative products that are available on the market. As our collaboration partner you will benefit from our more than 30 years of experience by continous exchange of experiences.

Participate in success by collaboration
You want to accelerate the popularity of permanent make-up in Germany and Europa and would like to participate in the success of PERMANENT-Line GmbH & Co. KG? We are looking forward to hear from you. We are always looking for partners with creative ideas and visions.

Training, supply, sales – there are many possibilities for collaborations
Besides educational facilities that support us by training first-class permanent make-up distribution customers we are also looking for suppliers that support us with the market launch of new and innovative permanent make-up products. Our international partners have the opportunity to establish their own distribution network with an independent shop system. We are also working closely with companies that have specialized in the gentle and effective removal of permanent make-up.

The PERMANENT-Line GmbH & Co. KG is looking for the following collaborations:

Permanent make-up trainers
We are interested in long-term collaborations with cosmetic schools and independent permanent make-up trainers for the professional training and advanced education of our permanent make-up distribution customers. Our training partners benefit from our extensive experience, are actively supported with their training concept and receive attractive commissions and purchase conditions.

Distribution partners for general representations abroad
Permanent make-up providers that distribute cosmetical products outside of Europe are by written agreement permitted to sell LaBina permanent make-up products through their own shop system. Personalities with a profound permanent make-up knowledge and negotiating skills are given the profitable opportunity to distribute our products abroad.

Suppliers of permanent make-up products
To maintain and further improve the high quality of our LaBina products we are always looking for innovations. To ensure a long-term customer satisfaction we want to offer a treatment that is as painless as possible while at the same time ensuring long-lasting results that need lesser follow-up treatments. This is why we are interested in technical and product-related developements in the permanent make-up sector.

Permanent make-up removal specialists
Like the new design of a top quality permanent make-up drawing the removal of tattoos and pigmenations should exclusively performed by experienced specialists. PERMANENT-Line is always looking for suitable providers that we can recommend regarding a gentle and effective removal of permanent make-up pigmentations.

Your path to a successful collaboration

Expand your professional skills. Join us in developing strategies and initiatives for a profitable collaboration. We know what it takes to be successful in the permanent make-up sector in the long run and we will support you with commitment, knowledge and expertise!

We are looking forward to get to know you via e-mail at info@labina24.de or on the phone: (+49) 56 91 – 89 53-0.