Leasing or financing vs buying

You are offering professional permanent make-up treatments on a commercial basis and would like to work with a state-of-the-art pigmentation instrument but the purchase is not suitable at the moment?

Then you might want to consider our leasing service.
A pigmentation instrument should be cost-efficient and economically sustainable – including both the acquisition price as well as the costs for disposable equipment!

After a thorough consultation via phone or in person we will prepare an indivual offer (including all neccessary disposable materials, hygiene modules and pigments) that is adapted to your specific needs.
We are also more than happy to support you during the handling of the formalities with our leasing partner. Within only a few days you will be able to work with your new pigmenation instrument. The monthly payments will conveniently be debited from your bank account.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we are looking forward to consulting you.

Reasons for leasing a pigmentation instrument

1. Invest in a new device without employing capital and therefore preserve your liquidity.
Your equity, credit lines and bank securities are not affected by the purchase.
2. Reliable planning and cost basis due to agreed upon leasing rates.
The fixed leasing rates throughout the entire term are unaffected by increasing interest rates and has a transparant planning and cost basis (e.g. for internal calculations or budgets).
3. The term of the leasing contract usually complies with the useful life of the investment.
As a result of the simultaneous course of payments and earnings due to the utilization of the pigmentation instruments the leasing rates can easily be settled. („Pay as you earn“-principle)
4. Leasing rates are fully tax deductible as operating costs.
5. Leasing is balance-neutral.
6. Changes in market demand can flexibly be met with new purchases.
You do not have to build reserves from profits in order to undertake an investment.
7. Temporary leasing in contradiction to „eternal“ purchase.
Leasing enables to sensibly reconsider the technical and economical validity of the business assets.

Current leasing offers

The following pigmentation instruments can be leased at attractive monthly leasing payments.

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LaBina PL-1000 without equipment
LaBina PL-1000
without accessories
Our light weighted and compact hygiene module system LaBina® PL-1000 Mobil is the ideal device for permanent make-up providers that are looking for a professional pigmentation instrument for mobile usage. Due to its small size it is...
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LaBina PL-2000 Premium [Permanent Make-up pigmentation instrument]
LaBina 2000 Premium
without accessories
Our largest and most beautiful hygiene module system LaBina® PL-2000 Digital is the ideal device for permanent make-up providers that are looking for a professional pigmentation instrument for their practice. It combines both innovative...
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