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  • AD12901
  • MT.DERM GmbH Berlin, Germany
With the MESO POWER DEVICE MS-3 you can offer professional non-invasive mesotherapy with a...más
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With the MESO POWER DEVICE MS-3 you can offer professional non-invasive mesotherapy with a high standard of hygiene. With special attention to design and high-quality materials, the outer casing is made of brushed aluminium. The slim handpiece is attached to the stainless steel clipboard held by two small magnets.


The MESO POWER DEVICE MS-3 is finished to the highest quality. The ergonomically shaped handpiece produces very little noise or vibration and is easy to hold. The modules can be operated at a working speed of 50 to 150 strokes per second. The device is suitable for use in state-of-the-art for clinical microneedling and non-invasive mesotherapy. The MESO POWER DEVICE MS-3 is manufactured in Germany. Particular emphasis is placed on quality, precision and performance. In addition, the modules used in conjunction with the equipment are equipped with a patented safety membrane.


MESO POWER DEVICE MS-3 is an affordable device with unlimited benefits:
• Sophisticated and safe clinical microneedling and non-invasive mesotherapy device
• Disposable module with patented safety membrane
• Suitable for the treatment of lighter and darker skin tones (Fitzpatrick I - V)
• Needle length can be adjusted by turning the handpiece
• The handpiece does not reach very high temperatures even after prolonged use.
• No ablation or visible damage to the skin
• Adjustable needle speed. The frequency can be set to 11 levels, from 50-150 NPS (needle lift per second)
• The selected needle frequency is digitally displayed
• Option to connect a second handpiece
• Minimal regeneration time of the skin
• Low risk of PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation)
• Low noise and low vibration
• Manufactured in Germany by MT.DERM

These methods are used widely and successfully for anti-age treatments (wrinkles, hair loss, stretchmarks) and reduction of scars depth. It is proved that the treated skin has very short regeneration phase / downtime after treatments with MESO POWER DEVICE MS-3, which is a great benefit for your client. CERTIFICATES & REGISTRATION MT.DERM places great importance on quality and safety. For this reason, the certification of our quality management system is rated very high.


Operating Conditions
• Ambient temperature: +10 °C to +35 °C
• Relative humidity: 30% to 75%
• Width x height x depth: 230 x 45 x 185 mm
• Weight of handpiece: ca 100 g
• Total weight: 1100 g


Technical Parameters
• Type: AD-1.3-MN-MP
• Rated voltage: 15 V – (DC)
• Frequency: 50 Hz
• Power input: 5.7 V A max
• Working frequency: selectable from 50 – 150 hits / second
• Drive: precision DC motor
• Operating mode: continuous operation


• 2 years warranty on machine and handpiece.


• MESO POWER DEVICE MS-3 unit with LED display
• Yvtal Meso handpiece
• Foot pedal to control the handpiece
• Handpiece holder
• Instructions in German and English



  • Umgebungstemperatur: +10 °C bis +35 °C
  • Relative Luftfeuchtigkeit: 30% bis 75%
  • 230 x 45 x 185 mm (B x H x T)
  • Gewicht Handstück: ca. 100 g
  • Gesamtgewicht: 1.100 g

Technische Parameter:

  • Modell: AD-1.3-MN-MP
  • Nennspannung: 15 V - (DC) 
  • Frequenz: 50 Hz 
  • Hubfrequenz: 50 - 150 NPS (Nadelhub pro Sekunde)
  • Antrieb: Präzisions-DC-Motor
  • Betriebsart: Dauerbetrieb


  • selbstverständlich 2 Jahre Gewährleistung auf Steuergerät und Handstück



  • Steuergerät
  • meso Handstück
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