Customers recruit customers

You benefit from recommendations!

No one is better suited to assess the quality of our LaBina products and the advantages of an active collaboration than satisfied customers. Recommend us to your colleague, she will be grateful for your tips on how to improve her success.

Benefit from our clients-acquire-clients bonus. This way, three parties will benefit: you, the new
client, and us.

Get involved: tell your colleague about your personal experience with us, the quality of our pigmentation instruments, the various benefits of our hygiene modules and the treatment results with LaBina pigments.

Our attractive offers may help you revive interest.
We are happy to send our product catalogue that contains all prices and current offers. Furthermore, both you and your colleague will receive an original red marten pigmenting brush and five LaBina pigments as quality samples (free selection of colours). All free of charge and without obligation.

If used as intended the amount of pigments in each pigment quality sample is sufficient for an initial and usually also for a follow-up treatment.
For each recommended new customer spending more than 100 € on LaBina products at our online shop you will receive an original LaBina pigment of your choice (value: 58 € without VAT).

Your bonus - step by step

1. Call us and tell us the address of the company which you wish to recommend. Alternatively, you can fill out the form below and send it to us.
2. As soon as we have the postal address, we will send a package including our product catalogue including all prices and current offers as well as the quality samples of our pigments. Free of charge and without obligation.
3. Please tell us in advance, which pigments you and your colleague would like to try.
4. After the colleague recommended by you placed the first order in our shop system (minimum 100 € value of goods without VAT) you may choose your LaBina pigment from our product range. The pigment will be sent to you for free with no aditional charge for postage or packaging.

We are pleased if you are already familiar and satisfied with our LaBina permanent make-up products. Your colleague will be delighted with the beautiful results that can be achieved by using our devices and pigments.

A client pigmented with LaBina pigments is bound to be happy and satisfied and will surely recommend your colleague.
If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us via e-mail: or give us a call. We will be pleased to help.

Customers recruit customers

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